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Submitted on
September 1, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, crossdressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion and don't be a douche if you disapprove.

Here I am. I sit with him. Business is good. They really believe him. I'm doing well. It's a good day. An amazing day for a wedding. He congratulates the couple. They look so happy. I'm glad.

Others come by our table. He smiles at them. I smile at them. That's what I'm here for. They ask him about me. He calls me Maddy, his girlfriend.

My name is Matthew.

They ask how we met. He says we reached for the same book at the library.

He is my client.

They think I'm a cute girl. They're glad he's found the right path.

He's gay.

He holds my hand and kisses my head.

That's extra. He paid for it so I don't mind.

The wedding is over. He says good-bye to some other guests. He holds me by waist. My garter is itching me.

I'm dressed as a girl.

He's done here. We go to his car. Once down the block, he helps me unzip my garter and I take off my heels. We drive to his house. There he gives me the rest of my due and even tips me. My ride arrives. He waves goodbye.

He was sweet. Not everyone is sweet.

I'm driven back to my apartment. Tomorrow I will keep my share of the money and give the rest to my boss.

That day was my generally normal work day as a male escort. My service was usually for men who wanted to remain in the closet but go to events with a date that was just feminine enough to pass as a woman but masculine enough underneath for the man to feel comfortable. I technically didn't really see how that mattered since it wasn't like we would sleep with each other after. But it was what I got picked for. My feminine features got me the job before most of the other men at my work. This made me a bit better off than them as well.

I was never all that fond of drag before but I got used to it quickly. If the days went well, it made me think maybe I could be an actor one day. For now, though, no one would know of such a talent except my clients and my boss. It could be better, it could be worse but it paid my bills.

Of course I had never expected it to get this bad.

Especially when it was starting to get so good.

It started with this other client. He asked for my services for a company Christmas party. He worked for a very big company, one of the kinds that you barely have ever heard of but once you know, you start seeing on the labels of nearly everything. There would be very powerful people at this party and he wanted to look really good. Like most of my clients, he didn't want his coworkers to know he's gay so he employed my services. But he was different. All throughout the night, he was even kinder than the other guys. It's typical for the men to get me refreshments and what not but this one consistently asked me if I was comfortable, if I didn't mind being there. It's my job so of course not but I was glad he asked. He even tried to make conversation with me which was rather strange. He wanted to actually know about me. If I had pets, what kind of music I liked, what I thought of politics these days... Hardly anyone ever asked me those kind of things except my friends at work. To say the least, I was intrigued. After the party, he asked me if I wanted to eat somewhere. I was absolutely starving but I told him I had filled up on refreshments. I was trained not to do anything for free, no matter how tempting so we just went back to his house where I was paid and picked up.

A few days later, he requested me again. This isn't entirely unusual; clients often return for the same service. It was unusual this time though that he wanted me to go to a restaurant with him, just the two of us. Clients weren't allowed to ask for this service but he had told my higher-ups that it was a dinner party and I only found out that it wasn't when we got there. So, once there, I was shocked to find us very much alone. I could've told him right there and then that this wasn't allowed, that I was uncomfortable with it... But frankly, I wasn't. He looked at me like I was the most interesting person in the world. So I sat down and had dinner with him.

And then the next day we went to the park. And the next day we had lunch and he didn't pay me. And the day after that, we had dinner again.

That evening I could've sworn was the best night of my life. Him and I, sitting alone at a high end restaurant by the lake, sipping a rich merlot on the patio. I felt considerably underdressed, in the best vest and tie I could find, but he assured me I was the most handsome beau at the ball.

I asked him, what could we possibly be celebrating? He teased of course, asking did he need a reason to have a good night? After some time though, I coaxed it out of him. He came out at work that day. It was received very well apparently. I was very proud of him. He was glad and seeing him so happy really tugged my heart. And so, I let him take me home that night.

The next day however he didn't call. I called him in the evening to see ask how he was. He seemed irritated about something so I invited him over for coffee, a chance to relax. I cleaned up my little apartment just for him.

When he got there, I asked him why he was so upset but he said he wanted to hear about me first. I told him my short little day since I didn't have any clients. The entire time however, he didn't touch his coffee. Eventually I asked him again. With an eye out the window, he told me that he received a letter on his desk that morning. Hate mail. The contents he wouldn't describe but I guessed the gist of it. I told him it was nothing you couldn't make better, that he should go to a superior. He said he would but I could tell it wouldn't fix the wound he had suffered. The whole night, he got more and more upset about it. I tried to soothe him he tensed at my touch.

And then he accidentally broke a glass.

And as I went to pick up the pieces, he pinned me to the ground.

I looked up at him, asking politely for him to let go. He kissed me and it was only then did I realize he had been drinking before coming over. It scared me so I tried to push him off me. His hold only tightened. I pleaded with him, I told him no. His hands only came off my wrists to undo my pants. I took the chance to struggle, to kick at him and push away. I had kicked his face; his lip was bleeding and it only enraged him further. I had only backed myself into the wall and he trapping me again, striking my face, sending my glasses flying to the ground. I was blinded but still very aware of his eager hands tearing off my pants. Tears stung my eyes as he forced my legs over his shoulders. My back rubbed roughly against the traitorous wall as he bent me with his weight. I whined in pain and he snarled.

"Stop crying," he said. "You let me yesterday."

But this was not like yesterday, not at all like yesterday.

The difference between then and the day before was that this time, as he took my waist in his strong hands and went into me, all love I had for him was destroyed...
WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, crossdressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion.

This is the prologue! No other part of this story is in first person because I believe it would just getting confusing.
I might add more to this description when I have time...

Part 1
Part 69 END

All Hetalia characters (C) Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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I-am-the-Wolf Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad I got around to reading this! It's actually a nice pick-me-up from being sick, no matter how dark the content. I'm just glad I have time now to start reading.

I really like how you adjusted your writing style to fit the seriousness of the topic, and I'm really looking forward to reading more.
I also can't begin to describe how much I love your opening, and the whole thing about introducing Matthew as 'Maddy' really draws you in. Just the way you wrote that couple of lines.

Whelp, that's all from me for this chapter, see you in the next one!
Lupoartistico Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm really glad you're going to read this! Just know that this is the only chapter in the 1st person. The rest of the stories should usually be in the 3rd and you'll recognize my original style more.
Marigold451 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my goodness! Poor Mattie... What happened to him is horrible, but I'm wondering how Gil will fix things and help Mattie love again. Can't wait to read the first chapter!
Lupoartistico Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll see if I can put it up today~
Marigold451 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
TonyKuma Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Is it bad that I really liked this? Honest, Canada is one of my favorite characters, but it's always nice to see them in pain. . .What was I saying now? Oh yes, wonderful start.
Lupoartistico Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! And don't worry, I've got sadistic inclinations as well... I mean, heck, I wrote the thing.
And thank you!~
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh My this is deferent from what I usually read and it has peaked my interest

Poor Mattie don't hurt him too bad

Lupoartistico Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll try not to...
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick question what is an MPREG
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